Middle East

University Collaborations in Middle East


Babylon University, Iraq

Is a university located in Babylon, Iraq. It consists of 20 colleges within three compounds, located seven kilometers south of the city of Hillah, in Babylon Province. The campus was originally the Administrative Institute of Babylon,



Baghdad University, Iraq

The first constituent Colleges of the University of Baghdad, was founded in 1908. The College of Engineering was established in 1921; the Higher Teachers Training College and the Lower College of Education in 1923, the College of Medicine in 1927, and the College of Pharmacy in 1936,


jordan university

Jordan University, Amman, Jordan

The university has the highest admission averages in the country and is considered the premier university in Jordan and one of the most prestigious in the Arab world.[1] It is located in the Jubaiha area of the University District in Amman. The university currently employs about 1400 faculty staff and has more than 37,000 enrolled students,


anbar university

Anbar University, Iraq

It was founded in 1987 with a college of education and a college of girls education, and then expanded until it reached university status in 2011 with 19 colleges,